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T-Plant from Sage 200


Easy and intuitive interface, with which a large amount of information can be collected.


In-plant data capture, leverages production processes and cost savings.


Intuitive and with basic knowledge
can perform all tasks of the
production process.

In-plant data capture

In the POS of Sage 200 the necessary buttons and configurations are added to be able to manage the Tax Free from the sales receipt.

T-Plant, allows a very tedious job at Sage 200 such as production control, which requires dedicated and specialized personnel, to be introduced in an agile, fast and almost effortless way by the operators, with the consequent cost savings for the company. Its on-line operation allows real-time control of the company's production processes.T-Plant for Sage 200 is a fully parameterizable, configurable and modular tool that allows data capture in the plant and whose advantage translates into an optimization of production processes and significant cost savings, in addition to a great ease of use for operators. In a very intuitive way and with basic knowledge, the operator can perform all the tasks of the production process, integrating on a single screen all the functions that can be performed, so that it does not give rise to errors or unnecessary waste of time.T-Plant for Sage 200 is a multiplane software , which allows us to differentiate between the different areas of our factory.
The implementation of a data collection system in the plant allows to improve the control of the company's production processes. The T-Plant application for Sage 200 will allow you to achieve these objectives, with an easy and intuitive interface for the operator, with which you can collect a large amount of information with little dedication.

Advantages of T-Plant

  • Elimination of manual paper notes.
  • Attendance control of operators.
  • On-line tracking of manufacturing orders
  • Elimination of personnel required for the registration and control of operations.
  • Incident and rejection management.
  • Management and control of machine maintenance.
  • Full integration with Sage 200

Time and attendance control

It allows the real management of working time, automatically sending an e-mail notification of the operators who have not made the entry, and controlling departures and entries after hours with customizable causes to know the reason for the absences.
The identification can be done with an on-screen keyboard, with biometric fingerprint devices or with RFID technology (radiofrequency).

Control and management of production orders

It manages the manufacturing orders of the entire factory with simple touches of the screen by the operators.
The operator, easily and quickly enters the jobs performed during the working day, being reflected at the time in Sage 200, allowing a study of the manufacturing and its costs in real time.
T-Plant also allows to keep track of the manufacture of products with serial numbers, allowing to make reservations of them and registering controls for each of the serial numbers manufactured. Different types of labels can be configured depending on the needs of the product.

Quality control

With T-Plant it is possible to perform quality control of the product as we can record the rejects or defects of the manufacturing, so that we can consult at any time the quality control of a particular product.
In addition, it allows us to create a record per operation with the necessary quality measurements for each piece, which can later be analyzed.

Incident management

In many occasions the machines have breakdowns, get stuck, or simply do not work, well, with T-Plant it is possible to register these incidents to consult the downtime and work of each of the machines in our factory and avoid possible "bottlenecks" or anticipate a major problem.
This incident management is a key point for those companies that have implemented a quality system (ISO 9001/2000, ISO 14001, ...) allowing the realization of incidents by the operator, eliminating the paper.

Machine maintenance

The management and control of the preventive maintenance of the machines is a very important point in any company, since it avoids possible breakdowns and helps to optimize the performance of the machines.
With T-Plant it is possible to perform these tasks, since the program automatically notifies us when we have to do some maintenance and indicates the operations that we have to perform.

Purchasing needs

The operators can register the need for any product so that the purchasing department can make the necessary arrangements for its purchase.
The program automatically sends an email to the corresponding department and saves a record for consultation.

Report and label printing

From any screen of the application it is possible to print product labels, or any type of identification required, both for the item and for the desired production order.

Order control

From T-Plant it is possible to keep track of daily shipments, in order to know at all times the orders pending to be shipped and to control from the corresponding section the priority manufacturing.

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