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Sage 50 for the trade sector trade

The business management solution for retailers


The specific solution for the point of sale point of sale

Point-of-sale solution focused on customers who have one or several workstations in stores, or chain stores.

It is a solution oriented to companies that sell directly to their customers through tickets:

  • TRADES AND SHOPS: textile, footwear, jewelry, childcare, accessories...
  • FOOD: supermarkets, grocery stores, beverages, bakeries, pastry shops...
  • OTHERS: hairdressing salons, esthetics, sports centers, academies, spare parts, hardware stores...


Stores or chain stores with information exchange needs

It's not just a management solution management

Designed for greater control and confidence at the point of sale, simplifying and automating tasks.

Sales management through the point-of-sale terminal point of sale

Generation of different sales documents: tickets (simplified invoice), delivery notes, invoices and sales orders.

Voucher management

The voucher management allows to make returns through a redeemable ticket.
Controls the amount and expiration date of the vouchers.
When the ticket is lower than the voucher, a new voucher is generated for the difference.
When the amount is higher, it forces to enter the difference.
Includes the query of vouchers pending redemption.

Cash count

It reflects all cash movements made since the last closing.
The user can view the list of documents created: tickets (simplified invoice), delivery notes, collections, payments...
It manages cash replenishments or cash withdrawals.
It allows to consult cash balances made, as well as to make consolidations of them.

Management of ticket or cash invoice or cash invoices

Management of collections of sales tickets or invoices.
The different forms of payment are defined by the user (cash, credit cards, vouchers...).
Consultation of the collections made, with access to their detail.

Agility in document management

Conversion of tickets into invoices, with the option of changing from counted customer to regular customer.
Possibility of invoicing delivery notes.
Quick conversion of orders into tickets or delivery notes.


Possibility to work with bar code readers, link with weight-only scales and integration with payment gateways.

Material requests

Management of material requests between the store and the head office or requests for certain items between stores.

Simplified invoice roll

Option to print a roll of simplified invoices (tickets) between certain dates, with information in summary format and printer selection.

Configuration of the sales cash register

Allows you to configure different sales boxes with their own characteristics: operator, salesperson, customer, default cash...


Possibility to work with ticket printer or standard printer, configurable according to predefined values, such as payment method, VAT breakdown or grouping of the same items in a single line.

Module specific listings

Specific lists with the documents or tasks performed in daily operations.

POS module configuration

Maximum flexibility through easy configuration of its multiple options.

Profiles and permissions per user

Configuration of multiple users with individualized assignment of permissions.
Possibility of establishing passwords per user, forcing identification before accessing the terminal.

Size and color management

  • Product management and stock control by size and color.
  • Possibility of working with a single price or broken down by size and color.
  • Quick and easy creation of sales documents.
  • Regularization of stock and inventory.
  • Incorporation of specific listings.

Management of serialized products

  • Serialized control of products and traceability of movements.
  • Inventory and cost management by series.

Work interface

COMERCIO Sage 50 breaks with the traditional model of touch or linear POS, being able to adapt the sales screens to the specific needs of each company, workstation or user.

  • Items classified by families, subfamilies, characteristics...
  • Display of images in the article selection.
  • Arching adapted to the tactile format.
  • Windows on-screen touch keyboard.

Product management with traceability

  • Batch stock management.
  • Search by item and batch to know the inputs and outputs of your company.
  • Compatible with GS1-128 codes by lot, expiration and units.
  • Advanced inventory with a list of products close to expiration.

Allows you to manage and control all areas of your business

Accounting and invoicing integration

You will gain time and agility by performing the invoicing and accounting processes from a single application. You will generate your invoices, estimates, delivery notes, orders and work certifications in a personalized way.

Banking communication

You will match your bank transactions with your accounting in a more professional, faster and error-free way.
Saves time in the process of downloading transactions by performing the process automatically in all banks.

Purchasing, sales and stock control

Manage suppliers and customers by keeping stock in real time, create orders quickly to avoid stock-outs and always maintain efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Total business vision

New reporting system and KPI's that allow you to obtain key information about your business at a glance and from any device.

Backups and automatic updates

You will stop worrying about making your backups because Sage 50 will do them automatically.

Connect with your online store

Automatically receive at Sage 50 the orders received from your online store for processing, as well as new customer registrations.

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