Sage for the distribution industry

Reasons why Sage is perfect for distribution companies


Easier product traceability control.


Commercial, AutoSales, Collections, Routing Sheets, Warehouse Control.


Picking, Packing List,
Multi-location, Stock Control.


Order management, Reception/allocation/stock, Availability breakage control.


Online/eCommerce, Point of Sale, Accrual/planning.


History, Generation of campaigns, Collections/impayments.


Customer risk control, Control and follow-up of collections/unpaid receivables, payments, cash flow forecasting


EDI and e-invoicing.

Who is Distribution for?

We respond to companies such as:

  • Distribution companies where the driver delivers the goods and manages the collection of invoices.
  • Delivery companies where the driver only delivers the goods and the invoicing is done in the general sales invoicing process.
  • Beverage Distribution.
  • Food sector distribution.
  • Distribution of fruit and vegetable products.
  • Distribution of medical devices, parapharmacies.
  • Distribution of Industrial Supplies.

Find out why choose Distribution


Overcome your distribution management challenges. Solve common complications by adopting four important trends.


Why you should choose an ERP 360 management software for your distribution company.


How to solve stock management problems.


Achieve a better customer experience in a competitive market.

Now, it's your turn to ask yourself


  • Do you have a 360° overview of the state of your supply chain?
  • Do you have a scorecard with the key points for you of what happens with your supply chain?
  • Do you anticipate cash flow stress statements without waiting for them to report directly to you?
  • Do you apply business intelligence to understand specific moments of stress and anticipate measures?
  • Do you always have essential indicators to know that everything is going as you have defined it?


  • Do you have a 360º overview of your treasury position?
  • Do you anticipate liquidity stress risks?
  • Do you apply business intelligence to anticipate treasury stress situations?
  • Do you have a scorecard of your treasury position?
  • Do you take into account all the key factors that affect the treasury position?
  • The management of unpaid debts. Do you anticipate, negotiate, simulate...?
  • How agile is your current tool in alerting you to dangerous cash flow situations?
  • The balance of stock value, purchase value, sales value, logistics costs, etc., is a key factor in your current management.


  • The use of mobility by your sales force is key for you. Is it today?
  • Do you have a scorecard of the key processes in your area of expertise?
  • Do you have warning/warning elements for critical situations of the entire distribution circuit?
  • How do you deal with warehousing, purchasing, collections, risks, etc., in order to optimize your management?
  • Do you apply business intelligence to evaluate the past, present and future in your business area?
  • How agile is your incident prediction system and how do you resolve them.


  • Is traceability control and monitoring currently the strength of your performance?
  • Do you have a scorecard of everything that concerns your area of expertise?
  • Do you apply business intelligence to be alerted of possible stock-outs, delays in receiving supplies, sufficiency of warehouse space, incidents in shipments, specific situation of deliveries in the "last mile", etc.?
  • How is your relationship with the sales teams, transportation, etc.? 100% rapport?
  • Do you optimize your stock spaces to improve picking and packaging processes more efficiently?
  • Do you have internal and external routes to improve productivity?

Contact us, we will help you make the best choice.

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