Sage Dispatches

Automate your business with accounting, financial, labor and tax management for accounting, financial, labor and tax consulting firms.

Efficiently control each area of your each of the areas of your consultancy


It stands out for its rapid implementation, start-up and extensive modularity.


Ability to adapt to the specific needs of each firm, regardless of its size and specialization.


All this while remaining a fully standard solution.

Solution for Consulting and Professional Firms

It covers all areas: Tax, Labor, Accounting, Financial, Communications and Internal Management.
It also includes a series of advanced management modules such as CRM, Electronic Invoicing, Document Management, Legal Contents, Collective Agreements, eScanDoc, Balance Analysis, Reconciliation and Accounting, among others, that will help you manage your office more efficiently.
In addition, it provides the necessary communication gateways between your firm, your clients, the public administration and financial institutions and is fully adapted to the Direct Settlement System per worker (Cret@).

Practical advantages

Gestión interna: cubre las necesidades propias de tu negocio, permitiéndote gestionar y hacer un seguimiento de todas las actividades de tu despacho profesional.

Relación con los clientes: tendrás una visión global de la relación con tus clientes. Además, les podrás permitir que vean, en tiempo real, su información a través de una conexión de escritorio remoto (Terminal Server).

Cuadros de mando y workflow: cada departamento puede crear y personalizar sus propios cuadros de mando y workflow (proceso de trabajo).

Historial y búsqueda de datos:  podrás realizar búsquedas de diferentes datos y acceder al historial de las últimas opciones utilizadas.

Portal del empleado:  sage Despachos Connected permite disponer de un portal del empleado, una herramienta 100% web a la que tendrás acceso tus clientes para permitir que sus empleados ven su información laboral.

Mejor comunicación: facilita la comunicación entre el despacho profesional o asesoría, sus clientes, la Administración Pública y las entidades financieras.

See how Sage Dispatch Connected works

And discover what it can do for you.

Your office in the cloud

Why do you need a cloud office?

Cloud computing is undoubtedly the technology that will dominate not only the future of business, but also the present of our businesses. Cloud technology is undoubtedly the key to continue building scalable and flexible offices, which adapt to the professionals of the future and facilitate work and access to the office at any time and from any device connected to the Internet.

Benefits of your office in the cloud

Cloud technology can undoubtedly improve the management of data and information that your office handles on a daily basis, in addition to simplifying the current IT model of your organization, a model that can often be complex or limiting for your employees and collaborators. You will also benefit from tools aimed at facilitating teleworking and labor flexibility. In addition, I would like to highlight the four main advantages if you move your current technological infrastructure to the cloud:
  1. Productivity and Efficiency. We estimate that you can improve the internal efficiency of your consulting firm by approximately 30%, thanks to increased productivity and better management and access to your data. Also, your professional team will be able to have at their disposal the necessary tools to be able to telework, an element of special relevance in the current pandemic situation.

  2. Security. In the cloud, you will have all the infrastructure and information monitored 24×7, 365 days a year, and all your data hosted in data centers with high levels of security and high-performance storage systems and servers, always updated to the latest technology on the market. This improvement in security, together with the aforementioned constant monitoring of your installation, will allow you to reduce between 70%-80% of the incidents that you may currently have at the IT level.

  3. Cost Savings. Cost savings is undoubtedly one of the elements that your consultancy will notice the most in the short term. Over time you will achieve savings with the move to the cloud:
    • between 30% and 50% of your office's energy consumption.
    • 75% of the cost of your office's IT staff.

  4. Scalability. The cloud will allow you to have a more scalable office that can adapt the need for resources to its future evolution, adapting, therefore, the cost of technological infrastructure to what the consultancy needs at all times, saving large investments or major purchases of IT assets.

Do you want to know some of the areas in detail?

Download more information or play a video below


Sage Despachos Connected adapts to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandatory application for all companies in the European Union (EU) as of May 25, 2018.
The GDPR has major implications for all departments of many companies worldwide, affecting companies and those who are in charge of data processing for them (even outside the EU).

Fixed asset management - Depreciation and amortization

Total Fixed Asset Management: Depreciation, Simulations, Leasing...
Covers all processes related to fixed asset management in an integrated way.

Complete invoicing

Sage Despachos Connected Office Management, allows to manage the periodic quotas of works and services, through the contracts module and to make the process of generation, signature and archiving of electronic invoices with the electronic invoice module.

Deposit of accounts

With the Sage Despachos Connected Accounts Repository, you can manage the Annual Accounts, Balance Sheets, Financial Statements, Management Report and Annual Report, as well as their filing with the Commercial Registry.

Automatic Invoice Posting

Extracts in seconds the accounting data from the Digitalized invoices without using templates and automatically generates the journal entries in the ERP.


It allows closing the entire accounting circuit related to the management of Corporate Income Tax.

Wage Register and Equality Plan

Since the entry into force of Royal Decree 901/2020, of October 13, the need to generate specific indicators for the creation of Equality Plans and Wage Records is critical for professional firms.

Labor Area

  • Automates Payroll Management
  • Human Resources advisory and consulting services
  • Work collaboratively with your customers and save time
  • New KPI's. Reports and labor indicators
  • Labor calculators
  • Labor Databases
  • Second labor opinion

Contact us, we will help you make the best choice.

Get the most out of Sage Despachos with these integrated add-on services

Discover how you can customize Sage Dispatch to help you save time, automate tasks and manage your business more efficiently.

Sage Despachos is not for you?

Don't worry, we can offer you other more suitable solutions.

Sage 50

Less than 1 Million € turnover
National scope (Spain).

Sage 200

Ideal for SMBs looking for a simple, yet powerful, advanced, yet cost-effective ERP.

Sage Active

Business management solution for small and medium-sized companies, centralized in the cloud and with multiple benefits.

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