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What is Cloud

Basically, the Cloud is a storage system in the Cloud.
It is a technological concept based on the storage of files, documents, files, applications, computer programs... in a safe place that allows you to access all this through the Internet, quickly and easily, from anywhere, that is, what is known as Cloud storage. Forget about saving it on your computer and always depend on it!


You can also extrapolate this to the users of a company! Not only for security, which is a basic concept for the company, but because storing in the Cloud is the cornerstone to be able to telework, something so important nowadays, and with the Cloud it is super easy to achieve.


But wait, wait! This is too important a topic to deal with here already. Let's talk little by little about the best storage in the Cloud: Cloud!!!


It's for you if...

  • You want to work from anywhere at any time.
  • You have a geographically dispersed structure.
  • Your business relies on Internet services (B2B or B2C).
  • You are looking for a safer environment.
  • You do not have your own technical staff.
  • You need a contingency plan to ensure business continuity in case of any eventuality.
  • Setting up a physical server and maintaining it is expensive.
  • You require continuous resizing of equipment, communications and/or security.
  • And if you also work or are considering working with SAGE solutions: Sage 200, Sage 50, Sage Despachos, Sage Eurowin, Sage Murano, Contaplus or Facturaplus, by contracting your Cloud service with AELIS, you have the support of our Sage experts!

But there are many more situations where the Cloud is your best option. Read on to find out.

Reasons why Cloud is perfect for your business

Easy and accessible teleworking

Having a server in the Cloud means being able to work from anywhere and at any time, always ensuring access to files, documents, applications and everything you need from your company in a secure way. And, therefore, allowing the effectiveness of teleworking 100%.

Our Cloud guarantees you can count on:

  • the right infrastructure for your company and for all the programs and files you need to work on a daily basis.
  • a complete team of IT specialists who can support and advise you properly.
  • daily backup in the Cloud.
In the Cloud you can also host all the information you want to have always available and secure, such as other programs, certificates or Excel, Word, PDF, etc. files. In short, thanks to the Cloud you will be able to continue with the normality of your work, even remotely and in a very short time.

Access from anywhere

Our Cloud is an easy to use and intuitive Cloud Hosting service, which will allow you to save files in the Cloud and access your data from anywhere and at any time because it will be available 24*7*365, continuously supervised by qualified AELIS staff.
But not only is it easy to use, it is also quick and easy to set up, so you will be able to start working from the Cloud in a very short time.

Pay only for what you use

Monthly installments with no additional costs.

In the Cloud, licenses are used on a pay-per-use basis, which means:

  • High degree of flexibility. You can adapt the licenses you need on a monthly basis. Increasing or decreasing the number of licenses is easy.
  • Free software updates. So you will always have the latest version.
  • You pay by the month, so you don't need to make an initial investment.
  • Easy management. Only one monthly fee is paid, there are no additional costs for acquisition or annual maintenance.

Data always safe

The Cloud includes a daily Cloud backup with a depth of 5 days and in case of data loss the files will be restored by qualified AELIS staff.

Our platform is located in the Acens Data Center (Telefónica), to guarantee the reliability and security of your data in the Cloud.

  • Full redundancy of communications, power supply and air conditioning.
  • Advanced technical support provided by highly qualified personnel.
  • Continuous monitoring of machine status and performance.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 99.85% availability.
  • Access control, surveillance cameras, alarm and fire alarm system.
  • Sophisticated firewall systems for perimeter security.

Protect your company's most important data and documentation with backups in the Cloud!

Cloud Services

Comprehensive management by specialists.

We take complete charge of the management of the Cloud, from the Data Center infrastructure to the management of the operating system and applications that you have installed on the server.

What benefits do you get?
  • The entire infrastructure will be managed by specialists
  • Service warranty
  • Monitored system
  • Proactive system maintenance (we anticipate possible incidences)
  • Application of updates

We are experts in Cloud storage services for companies, ask us for advice!

Specialized Cloud

Telework with your SAGE solution.

If you work or are considering working with any SAGE solution such as Sage 200, Sage 50, Sage Despachos, Sage Eurowin, Sage Murano, Contaplus, Facturaplus, etc. the best thing you can do is to host them on a server in the Cloud, that is, in the Cloud.
Because having a server in the cloud or Cloud, means being able to work from anywhere and anytime ensuring the security of your information, which would be the cornerstone of "teleworking".

But in addition, our Cloud specialized in companies that use SAGE applications, guarantees you can count on:

  • the right infrastructure for your SAGE solution and the rest of your software and files
  • a complete team of IT specialists in SAGE solutions who can give you support and advice on the right things to do
  • an effective service for transferring and/or hosting your Sage solution to the Cloud.
  • SAGE application upgrades: Sage 200, Sage 50 and Sage Dispatches Connected

But not only will you telework thanks to the Cloud with the SAGE application you use, but in the Cloud you can also host all the information you want to have always available and secure, such as other programs, certificates or Excel files, Word, pdf's, etc.
In short, thanks to the Cloud you can continue with the normality of your work even remotely and also in a very short time.

Contact us, we will help you make the best choice.

Two-factor authentication for access

The new functionality to keep your company fully protected

But what if, in addition to the Cloud, I also want IT Maintenance?

There are many customers who ask us for a more complete service, where the advantages of the Cloud are combined with IT Maintenance services to be able to count on the advice of an IT Director and a complete IT team to correct and prevent incidents.
It is a preventive IT Maintenance with guaranteed response times set at 2, 4 or 8 working hours, whichever you choose! Which means: when you contact us via email at soporte@aelis.es or by calling any of our phone numbers, we promise that a technician will give you an answer within 2, 4 or 8 working hours and will solve the problem by connecting remotely or, if not possible, by coming to your premises.
If you are looking for a global and personalized service like this that combines everything, the Cloud and IT Maintenance, you need NETWORK CLOUD SERVICES.

Have a complete and unified service

Computer assistance

24-hour support.

We are here when you need us.


Be prepared for any attack.

We protect your company.

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