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Cybersecurity for businesses

We protect your company as if it were our own

What is Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, also known as computer security or information technology security, is concerned with the privacy and protection of corporate and organizational data to deal with cyberattacks.


Well, cyber-attacks. Attacks that encompass any attempt to take control of, destabilize or damage a computer system.


Cyber-attacks are the order of the day because information is becoming increasingly digital. Personal data, bank passwords, email, social networks, websites, programs, etc. There is no denying that we live in the digital era.
But in addition, the digital transformation process that companies are undergoing makes them more vulnerable and easier to attack.


La pregunta es ahora…
¿Son efectivos los sistemas de seguridad actuales qué tienes en tu empresa? 

¿Qué servicios de Ciberseguridad podemos ofrecerte?

Servicios de Prevención o Protección de datos

Pack Ciberseguridad Básico

¿Qué incluye?

La protección esencial para tu empresa:

  • Antivirus: protección avanzada ante amenazas desconocidas.
  • La función Cloud Discovery le permite supervisar el uso de servicios en la nube en dispositivos administrados que ejecutan ¿?
  • Soporte: Dudas sobre ciberseguridad a través del Portal de Solicitudes o al 917 482 870

Pack Ciberseguridad Avanzado

¿Qué incluye?

La protección que necesita tu sede y tus trabajadores:

Pack de Ciberseguridad Básico

  • Servicio Cloud que ofrece protección completa del correo electrónico en tiempo real: Spam, Malware, Phising y amenazas avanzadas. Protección contra Phising y ataques de correo corporativo. (Válido solo para el correo en Microsoft 365 Exchange)
  • Análisis y verificación de enlaces en tu correo electrónico. Evita acceder a un enlace de riesgo o no deseado.

Pack Ciberseguridad Premium

¿Qué incluye?

La protección para las empresas 100% digitales: Pack Ciberseguridad Avanzado. Protección Sede Local. Navegación segura: Protección de la actividad de navegación y búsquedas web. Seguridad Perimetral: evita ataques entrantes mediante reglas que bloquen acceso no autorizado. BackUp M365 Full Sede segura: protege la red de tu sede permitiendo monitorizar, filtrar y aplicar políticas de seguridad a todo tu tráfico de internet (Saliente y entrante). Permite conexiones remotas seguras por VPN (Hasta 100) Acceso de conexión remota (No incluida) Trabahamos con Fortiner. Empresa líder en seguridad.

Servicios de Recuperación de datos

Pack Ciberseguridad Básico
Full BackUp Pc

¿Qué incluye?

Pack Ciberseguridad Básico

BackUp fichero (Sin límite de espacio por equipo)

Pack Ciberseguridad Avanzado
Full BackUp Pc

¿Qué incluye?

Pack Ciberseguridad Avanzado

BackUp fichero (Sin límite de espacio por equipo)


Pack Ciberseguridad Premium
Full BackUp Pc

¿Qué incluye?

Pack Ciberseguridad Premium

BackUp fichero (Sin límite de espacio por equipo)


Cybersecurity Services at all levels

Backup management

  • Local backup of data that cannot be put in the Cloud.
  • Mail Backup in Office 365.

Perimeter security

  • Solutions to detect cyber-attacks and act against them before they harm you.
  • Firewall at local offices and VPN for remote data access.
  • Double authentication control by means of a token in the cell phone.

Protecting office 365 information

  • Email Protection: Protects the Office 365 environment (emails, files in One drive - Sharepoint) from SPAM and Malware attacks. Filters content before it enters the mail system.
  • Backup Office 365: Backup of the entire Office 365 enterprise environment, outside of the Microsoft platform.
  • Archiving: Achieve exhaustive control of the information that enters the company and do not lose information that could be deleted unintentionally.

Employee productivity control

  • Internet access control to know which websites are being accessed
  • Control of what they spend their working time on

Protection of information

Your Office 365 data deserves a true backup solution

Email is the main gateway for threats.
You must ensure that your company's data and users are protected from advanced and constantly evolving security threats.


Stop email-borne threats before they reach your mail server.

Productivity Control

The Employee Productivity Control Solution

Teramind is an employee monitoring, user behavior analysis and data loss prevention software .
It provides a user-centric approach to security by monitoring employee behavior on your computer.
This software streamlines the collection of employee data to identify suspicious activity, detect potential threats, monitor employee efficiency and ensure industry compliance.
It helps reduce security incidents by providing real-time access to user activities through alerts, warnings, redirects and user lockdowns to make businesses run as efficiently and securely as possible.

Who uses teramind?

More than 2,500 organizations of all sizes and industries use Teramind to detect, record and prevent certain inappropriate employee behaviors that may compromise the security of the company, as well as to improve efficiency and productivity.

How does it do it?

One agent is installed on each computer/server and managed through a simple deployment.

Teramind User Activity Monitoring Tools

  • Intelligent rules and automated alerts.
  • Live view and history playback.
  • Instant message monitoring.
  • Tracking of printed documents.
  • Keystroke recorder.
  • Web site monitoring.
  • Network monitoring.
  • E-mail monitoring.
  • File transfer tracking.
  • Remote desktop control.

  • Application monitoring.
  • Productivity optimization.
  • Recording of RDP sessions.
  • Configurable monitoring profiles.
  • Remote monitoring of employees.

Types of licenses available

Employee monitoring with powerful productivity analysis and insider threat detection capabilities.
  • Monitor employees in real time.
  • Activity reports.
  • Intelligent policy and rules engine.
  • Employee privacy.
  • Auditing and forensic analysis.
  • Integrated productivity tools.
  • Supervision of privileged users.
It monitors more types of activities, such as sending emails or files; it also detects and records anomalous behavior.
  • Monitor user activity in real time.
  • User behavior analysis.
  • Policy and rules engine.
  • Built-in productivity optimization.
  • Auditing and forensic analysis.
  • Third-party supplier management.
  • Compliance management.
In addition to all the functionalities of the UAM option, it incorporates effective data loss prevention solutions.
  • Monitor user activity.
  • Powerful policy and rules engine.
  • Detection of internal threats.
  • Content discovery and classification.
  • Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • Clipboard monitoring.
  • Fingerprinting and labeling.
  • Compliance management.
  • Risk management.

A reliable team will be able to advise you

Computer support

Punctual help service to correct punctual incidences. When you need us, call us. We won't leave you alone.

Computer maintenance

Preventive, global and personalized maintenance service with guaranteed response times of 2, 4 or 8 working hours.

Network cloud servicest

Complete combination of preventive IT maintenance service and Cloud, maximum coverage!


Secure cloud storage system with which you can work from anywhere and at any time in a quick and easy way.


Backup service of the Cloud, Server and/or user workstations so that you can restore all or part of your information.
In the Cloud, files are restored by qualified AELIS staff. For Server and user workstation backups, a console is available to restore the backup.

Contact us, we will help you make the best choice.

Let me tell you one more thing

Do you know that you could monitor the cloud services that are most frequently used on devices?

Which in plain English means you can control who is accessing what.
Who is accessing social networks and which networks? Which systems are most commonly used for file sharing? And for communication? Well, with Kaspersky's Cloud Discovery console you can find out.
Cloud Discovery tracks users' attempts to access these services through browsers and desktop applications to help detect and stop the use of cloud services that may pose a misuse or threat.

Have a complete and unified service

computer assistance

24-hour support.

We are here when you need us.

in the cloud

All your infrastructure and servers in the cloud, secure and managed by experts.

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