Waste recovery

The business management solution for the waste recovery and recycling sector


Related to waste treatment and the expenses and income generated.


Information between the different departments that need it.


Generate environmental documentation and reports to ensure legal compliance


For those materials and resources that your company does not need or take advantage of.


Between production and sustainability, committed to the environment


Meets your needs by simplifying your bureaucratic burden to the maximum while complying with current regulations.
Guarantees comprehensive management and ensures processes to achieve efficiency.

Manage and control processes processes in a simple and automated way

  • Commercial and financial management of processes related to waste treatment.
  • Management of purchases and sales of scrap, plastics, cardboard and any recyclable material.
  • Purchasing processes with link to scales for automatic tare and gross capture.
  • Link with ATM systems.
  • Production processes and product classification.
  • Multi-warehouse and inventory stock control.
  • Fast purchasing processes for collection and sorting points.
  • Transportation management: trips, drivers, vehicles, etc.

Material collection reports

Once the information is collected from the person bringing the material, a purchase delivery note is processed to make the entry of the material.
The materials are previously created in the database as items, identifying in each one of them to which product family it belongs, as it must be reported to the authorities.
Reclaimers has a direct access to the execution of a report filtered by dates, given the regulation of reporting by weeks.
The Excel report that is generated contains the data of the recovery company, concatenating the data of the purchase order, the supplier data and the data of the products required by the authorities.
For the Waste Agency, Recuperadoras also has a list with the conditions that the Agency determines, such as the identification of each type of product.

  • It records the data of the person who brings the material in order to generate the report in Excel.
  • Decide where you want to display this additional information.
  • Use the MO (Mossos) feature for those items to be included in the listing.


Waste transportation

  • It is managed through documents called notifications.
  • Each action performed during the process can be documented through movements, in addition to allowing files to be attached and viewed through the document manager.

Communication with agencies

Simplifies communication with waste agencies.

Integrated waste management

  • Collection requests.
  • Waste input.
  • Waste disposal.

Management of semi-finished products

  • It allows to treat raw materials through statuses, indicating relevant information and allowing to attach documentation.
  • Document manager to be able to visualize it.

Collection requests

It allows both the company and its customers to make requests for the collection of a specific type of waste, being able to indicate in detail the place and date together with which waste is treated and the containers that store it.

Waste input and output

Management of multiple waste inputs and outputs. Types of input:
  • Collection entry
  • Plant entrance
  • Entry by D.E.C. (Purchasing Equivalence Document)

Store documentation and visualize it through the document manager.
Generate purchase/sales delivery notes from an input/output, then invoice and account through the connection with Sage 200.

Notification system

To perform the entry/exit as long as all parties involved have their documentation in force and permitting to perform a specific action, such as contracts and authorizations.

Master table management

In the third party tables, you can manage your contracts and authorizations on an individual basis:

  • Indicate validity dates and NIMA codes, among others.
  • Generate your documentation and view it in real time
  • Indicate several data related to the entity

The waste can indicate the LER code that represents it from its own record, but it can also be managed through the LER code master screen.

Master Tables:

  • LER codes.
  • Types of waste.
  • Elimination and valuation operations.
  • Physical characteristics.
  • Constituents.
  • Management reasons.
  • Generating activities.
  • Generating processes.
  • Clients.
  • Suppliers.
  • Carriers.
  • Waste.
  • Etc.

Sage 200 is not just a management solution.

Its modular system and innovative working ecosystem make it the perfect solution for your business.

Accounting and Finance

Ensure complete control with flexible chart of accounts configuration, quick entry of expenses and income, and easy entry search facilities.

Commercial Management

It manages the entire purchasing and sales cycle, planning procurement needs and linking it with the portfolio of bills of exchange and accounting.

Manufacturing and Projects

All the functionalities to control your production with flexibility and speed.

Business intelligence

Thanks to business intelligence you get an overview and analytical view of all the values of your company for better decision making.


  • CRM for sales, marketing and/or customer service
  • Labor: Payroll, HR...
  • Etc

Sage 50 is not just a management solution.

It is the management program that allows you to manage and control all areas of your business.

Accounting and invoicing integration

You will gain time and agility by performing the invoicing and accounting processes from a single application. You will generate your invoices, estimates, delivery notes, orders and work certifications in a personalized way.

Banking communication

You will match your bank transactions with your accounting in a more professional, faster and error-free way.
Saves time in the process of downloading transactions by performing the process automatically in all banks.

Purchasing, sales and stock control

Manage suppliers and customers by keeping stock in real time, create orders quickly to avoid stock-outs and always maintain efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Total business vision

New reporting system and KPI's that allow you to obtain key information about your business at a glance and from any device.

Backups and automatic updates

You will stop worrying about backing up your data because Sage 50 will do it automatically.

Contact us, we will help you make the best choice.

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