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Sage for the manufacturing sector

Manufacturing Sage 200, for discrete manufacturing models

Manufacturing Companies

Specially designed for integral management in discrete manufacturing models.

It adapts to the demands of your customers and optimizes the planning of any production process.

In a single work environment, you can manage all your company's data and perform tasks with specific manufacturing needs.

Know at all times the dates and manufacturing costs. All the functionalities to control your production with flexibility and speed. The control of all the factors of the production process (labor, materials, machines, inventories,) is a priority and a competitive advantage.

Adapt your manufacturing to changing changing demands of your customers

If you work to order and have to calculate your production and purchasing needs, you need agile decision making. By integrating sales with purchasing forecasts and discrete production, Sage has optimized the entire material ordering process, warehouse management, manufacturing cost control and manufacturing dynamics itself.

Boost your business, make your production processes more profitable production processes

With the Manufacturing Information Center (M.I.C.F.C.) that integrates and relates all activities with manufacturing orders, you will have greater control of the entire company, especially in the manufacturing and invoicing process. It will facilitate your decision making.

Ensures a good service to your customers: deliver your orders in a timely manner

Commercial management is always complex, and customers demand tighter delivery times assuming the quality of the product entered at the best possible price. You need dynamic and flexible processes to adapt to demand requirements and optimize the planning of any production process. You will be able to respond effectively, in a timely manner, to any demand for information about the status of their orders.

Manufacturing process requirements

Programming and planning

Enable you to make the right decisions through business processes

Manufacturing Sage 200 allows you to know the quantities of a product to be manufactured in a specific period of time (day, week or month). We can use historical data, stock levels or sales orders.
The system can be adapted according to the type of demand (constant, linear, seasonal, by order, by stock, order and stock), and, taking into account other variables, it generates a Master Manufacturing Plan, which determines the units to be manufactured of each product for the different time periods.

2. Manufacturing Execution and Sales Management

In Manufacturing Sage 200, the process of creating production orders may be:

  • From manufacturing needs.
  • From scandals.
  • Directly from customer order entry.

Purchasing management

Improve demand visibility, manage your spare parts and improve resource management

Manufacturing Sage 200 allows the creation of the Master Purchasing Plan associated to each Master Manufacturing Plan, obtaining the units to be purchased of each material and on which dates they will be used.
It also allows to obtain complete information on manufacturing costs, showing a comparison between the theoretical and real costs broken down by material, machine and operator.

Production management

Planning, execution, monitoring. To develop predictions and capacity planning

Manufacturing Sage 200 allows you to define the structure of the products to be manufactured, easily identifying operations and consumption. In addition, you can generate manufacturing orders for finished products, calculate the units to be purchased of each component and perform a detailed control of materials and times.
And all this with maximum mobility, sinceyou can capture data in the plant. This gives you the possibility of making time or consumption allocations through readers or terminals located in the production plant. This will mean a significant saving of time and paper, having the information generated practically in real time.

5. Logistics chain management

Stocks and transports

Manufacturing Sage 200 allows you to print the necessary documentation to be able to follow up on your production (routings, work reports, material sheets, labels... with the possibility of identifying the phases and materials by bar code).

6. Management control

One of the important options that Sage 200 Manufacturing allows, is its ability to feed back the actual data of the production process. Based on the actual times and units entered through the work reports, the system readjusts the dates and times of completion. In other words, it revises the planning, adjusting it to the actual production recorded.

A new generation of ERP is here to help

Manufacturing companies should stop investing in outdated legacy ERP solutions and instead start looking for more robust, innovative, responsive and intelligent ERP systems.
This proposal is based on Sage 200, the easily scalable, comprehensive and focused manufacturing control business management solution designed to solve the most demanding needs of small and medium-sized companies.
The solution is modular and integrates all areas of the business to provide a complete real-time business view and management.


The future of manufacturing: Visibility and traceability in the digital age.


Integral traceability in the process manufacturing sector : from regulatory compliance to competitive differentiation.


End-to-end traceability in the discrete manufacturing industry: An opportunity to differentiate from the competition .

Purchases and sales

It manages the entire purchasing and sales cycle, planning procurement needs and linking it with the portfolio of bills of exchange and accounting.

Accounting and Finance

Complete control with flexible chart of accounts configuration, quick entry of expenses and income, and easy entry search facilities.

Customer management

Allows you to implement a new management model based on customer orientation. Improve your customer management and communication with them.


Factory Control, MRP&MRPII, Planning Management, External Operations, etc.

Project management and after-sales

Budgeting; Task Planning; Cost Allocation; Allocation of materials, hours and other expenses such as per diems and travel; etc.


It opens the order entry to the Internet, offering an "open office" 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Connecting the Online Shop with Sage 200 synchronizes the information bidirectionally so that you can easily and simply display in your online store any data registered in Sage 200.


Consult in real time the stock of any product, transfers between warehouses and the grouping of several orders in a single shipment.

In-plant data capture

Its on-line operation allows real-time control of the company's production processes.


Connect to other platforms, suppliers, banks, and even potential partners and work almost as if they were from your own company.

Contact us, we will help you make the best choice.

Complete sales and purchasing cycle

It manages the entire purchasing and sales cycle, planning procurement needs and linking it with the portfolio of bills of exchange and accounting.

Purchasing management

  • Price history and documentation.
  • Integration of purchase requirements generated from production orders.
  • Automatic linking of sales orders with supplier orders.
  • Traceability associated to work orders with purchase requirements.
  • Generation of goods receipt notices.
  • Control of goods received in the warehouse.
  • Vendor invoice registration integrated with Accounting modules,
  • Business and Portfolio Analysis.
  • Access to the supplier information center

Sales management

  • Issuance of electronic invoices with digital signature.
  • Advanced commission management.
  • Full traceability of the lot or batch and serial number.
  • Traceability of information throughout the entire sales cycle.
  • Integrated with eComerce, it allows opening a new sales channel through the web and direct order entry.
  • Linked to Sage Retail for the management of the retail sales process.
  • Manages customer relations: agenda, calls, visits, mailings and mailings.

Accounting and Finance

Ensure complete control with flexible configuration of the chart of accounts, quick entry of expenses and income and easy search of entries.
It is constantly updated to always include the latest accounting and tax developments (such as the SII), to provide a solution that is always ready for the correct fulfillment of legal obligations.

Budget analytics and control

  • Complete management of budgets in their creation and follow-up.
  • Automated analytical allocations from accounting.
  • Comparative variance analysis.
  • Dynamic exploitation of information.
  • Free definition of cost center structures.

Fixed assets

  • It manages fixed assets by calculating depreciation according to the various legally accepted methods.
  • Calculate various depreciation schedules and record changes in location and responsibility for each item.
  • The amortizations to be made are generated according to the periodicity defined in each element, being able to perform simulations.
  • All actions performed from Fixed Assets automatically appear in Accounting.

Deposit of accounts

  • It directly generates the necessary documents for the presentation of the Annual Accounts to the Mercantile Registry.
  • Balance sheets and reports adapted to the official formats for Abbreviated, Normal and SMEs presentation.

Cloud banking management

  • Bills of exchange portfolio. It manages the portfolio of Collections and Payments with options for the creation of remittances to banks. Management of unpaid bills of exchange with issuance of dunning letters and processing of generated expenses. Adapted to SEPA regulations, it incorporates the new remittance formats and mandate management.
  • Reconciliation. It manages the systematic process of comparison between the bank statement and the accounting entries of the current account. Reconciliation can be performed manually or automatically.
  • Integrated communication and automatic download of statements. Connection with the main banking entities.
  • Cash position. Calculation of the daily evolution of balances for the forecast of overdrafts or excesses.

Official forms

  • It automatically generates the periodic VAT and Personal Income Tax liquidations, as well as the forms of declarations of operations with third parties.
  • Notifies you of the dates of your legal obligations.

Improve communication and customer management management

Commercial Team

Get an overview of ongoing sales opportunities to select the most profitable ones and a medium-term view of sales performance to make better business decisions.


Easily manage your marketing campaigns, planning all the details, controlling costs and measuring the return on your actions.
You will also be able to follow the conversation with your customers on social networks.

Customer service

Efficiently manage all the activities of your Customer Service department and know what are the main interests and concerns of your customers.


The Manufacturing module meets the most demanding requirements of any company that evolves towards the planning and exhaustive control of its discrete manufacturing processes.
It takes into account all the factors involved in manufacturing: labor, materials, machines, wastes, times, incidents, etc., which together with the planning and control of the production processes is a key factor for the success of any industrial company, which together with the planning and control of the production processes is a key factor for the success of any industrial company.
It allows the temporary planning of the manufacturing orders, to know at any moment the costs associated to a production, to control the times and the real consumptions, to treat the wastes, by-products, manufacturing batches, number of series, anomalies of the processes and to carry out the subcontracting of certain phases.

Adaptation to demand requirements and optimizes planning

  • Definition of demand types and BOMs.
  • Purchasing requirements and resource capacity planning.
  • Calculation of production master plans according to type of demand.
  • Information on material consumption movements and shrinkage.
  • Tracking of orders and control of operations.
  • Waste management and control.
  • Subcontracting of operations and materials.
  • In-plant data capture.
  • Interactive and dynamic Gantt charts that analyze manufacturing and define user traceability.

Know at all times the dates and costs of production.

  • With Sage 200cloud Manufacturing you can manage the entire life cycle of your products.
  • Definition of types of demand (constant, linear, seasonal, historical).
  • Definition of bills of materials detailing components and operations.
  • Purchase requirements planning.
  • Resource capacity planning.
  • Calculation of production master plans, by periods, according to type of demand.
  • Information on material consumption movements and shrinkage in work orders.
  • Tracking of current, pending and closed manufacturing orders.
  • Control of operations, machines, factory sections and types of activity. Deviations from plan.
  • Waste management and control (scraps, shavings, etc.).
  • Subcontracting of operations and materials to third parties, with automatic generation of redundancies.
  • In-plant data capture by devices such as clocks or terminals.
  • Interactive and dynamic Gantt charts, which analyze the global or detailed manufacturing situation.
  • Ability to define reports and tracking graphs at user level.
  • Access to the Manufacturing Information Center (M.I.C.F.C.) that integrates and links activities with manufacturing orders (planning tracking, linked work orders, assigned purchases, related sales orders, material consumption and associated costs.

Control of all factors in the production process

  • Fast implementation.
  • Explorer of scandals and Manufacturing Orders.
  • Follow-up of the status of the fabrications.
  • In-plant data capture.


  • Information centers: Manufacture, Item, Serial number.
  • Linking of external documents (plans, photographs...).
  • Finite capacity planning.
  • Management of external workshops or subcontracting
  • Integrated with purchasing, sales, warehousing, etc...
  • Full traceability of information throughout the product life cycle.

Official forms

Traceability of raw materials, finished and intermediate products
Dynamic planning
Cost savings by reducing the time spent by your staff in the administrative process.

Access to the Manufacturing Information Center (M.I.C.F.C.) that integrates and links activities with manufacturing orders (planning tracking, linked work orders, assigned purchases, related sales orders, material consumption and associated costs).


Especially designed for companies that perform non-repetitive work, which must be budgeted, planned and executed according to specific specifications, and where delivery time and cost control are very important.

  • Access to the Manufacturing Information Center, which links activities to manufacturing orders.
  • Tools to streamline budget writing.
  • Linking to any external file
  • Different valuations of the budget: the one accepted by the client, the estimated one and the execution one.
  • Temporary planning by phases.
  • Generation and edition of Gantt and Pert diagrams.
  • Economic planning and detailed monitoring of the project.
  • Integration with the purchasing circuit.
  • Linkage and control of the different actual cost allocations.
  • Comparison between bid, estimated and actual amounts.
  • Comparison between bid, estimated and actual amounts.
  • Creation of certifications with the issuance of the corresponding invoices.

After sales

The multiple functionalities of After Sales Sage 200 give you a clear competitive advantage along with cost savings, improved loyalty and a high increase in productivity. Some of its features are:

  • Allocation of materials, hours and other expenses such as per diem and travel.
  • Integrated budgeting process.
  • Invoicing according to previous budget or according to the allocations made.
  • Internal activity alerts and customer communications management.
  • Integrated with the rest of the modules, such as Contracts and Projects.
  • It has a Web App for mobile management associated with work reports and allocations.

Contact us, we will help you make the best choice.

Sell through the Online Store and/or Amazon

Be more effective by having everything connected:

  • Be more effective by having everything connected:
  • By connecting the Online Shop with FABRICATION Sage 200 the information is synchronized bidirectionally.
  • This way you can easily and simply display in your online store any data registered in your Sage 200 such as, for example, articles, product families, price, stock, characteristics, etc.
  • But you can also download automatically from the Online Store or Amazon to Sage 200 key items such as new customer information and shipping addresses, billing information, discounts, freight and all the data needed to process orders.

A platform connected to third parties to expand customization possibilities

Connectivity is one of its differential pillars.
It goes far beyond an open platform.
It is a connected platform, a Connect platform.
It is designed and prepared to create an ecosystem of connected solutions with FABRICATION Sage 200 in a totally secure and scalable way.
Its API platform allows extending the range of solutions by integrating third-party applications.

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