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The comprehensive business management solution for the service industry

Reasons why it's perfect for service companies

Time is money in a competitive service industry. That's why you need to focus your attention on customer satisfaction, project execution and resource management. Sage offers you comprehensive business and financial management solutions, tailor-made for companies like yours, so you can focus on what you do best: providing your customers with the best service.

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In a single work environment, it allows the management and processing of the entire flow of information generated in companies with specific needs of the General Services Management and Industrial Maintenance sector.


CHALLENGES AND TRENDS of the General Services and Industrial Maintenance Management sector (Facility Management), a sector that integrates the areas related to the maintenance of buildings, from air conditioning, electricity and cleaning to catering or security of facilities.


How Services 4.0 impacts the performance economy.
A comprehensive guide to understanding how today's technology can increase efficiency and improve customer service.


Total Economic Impact™ study for service organizations.
Cost savings and business benefits.

Now, it's your turn to ask yourself

Increases billable hours

Increase automation and productivity by optimizing your work processes and improving collaboration, allowing you to focus on your customers' needs.

Satisfy more customers

Data analytics and a holistic view of your employees' performance enables you to ensure the profitability of every client you engage with. Better understanding every aspect of your business means making better decisions about, for example, how to allocate resources, ensuring everyone is working in the right direction and seeing where you can save money.

Increases agility and flexibility

Flexibility in business processes and real-time data analysis offer professional services companies the ability to adapt quickly to changing customer needs, as well as to cope with increasing market pressures.

Start up virtual teams

We often work with people and projects located in different places, so it is essential that everyone works from the same sources of information, and that they have effective tools to ensure instant collaboration and communication.

Prepare your company for the future

Enter the world of mobile technologies to offer your customers an optimal service and to adapt to the permanent changes in the sector.

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