Computer assistance

Three types of IT Assistance, what do you need?

What is Assistance Computing

Your computer is not working properly or you don't know how to configure it?
Can't access the Internet or you have a virus?
Can't recover your files?

Well, what you need is COMPUTER ASSISTANCE, to have an expert to help and advise you.
In short, computer assistance is a technological coverage that offers help with the incidents that you may suffer in your computer, tablet, server, etc.

Three types of IT Assistance

After more than 20 years working in the industry, we realized that we have 3 types of customers and, therefore, the most logical thing to do was to adapt our IT support services according to these 3 groups.

Computer support

The first service, the simplest, is intended for customers who only need occasional help to correct specific incidents.
Ideal for companies that do not need a maintenance contract, only to resolve incidents when they occur.
When you have a problem just call us at any of our phone numbers or request it on the Request Portal and a technician will connect with you remotely with total guarantee, security and always maintaining the confidentiality of your data. They will attend you, evaluate the situation and, if possible, solve it immediately.
And, if this is not possible, do not worry, an IT technician will come to your facilities.
We are here to help you, we will not leave you alone.

Computer maintenance

The second group of customers needs a global and personalized service where you receive a response in guaranteed times, that is why we created the IT Maintenance service.
It is a preventive maintenance, and you know that prevention is better than cure, with guaranteed response times set at 2, 4 or 8 working hours, whatever you choose!
This means two things:
It is "preventive", that is, we not only seek to solve incidents, but we also prevent them from occurring thanks to the assignment of an IT Director who advises you and a complete team of computer experts who will be at your disposal, both remotely and on-site, and with whom you can contact just by picking up the phone or sending us an email.
And also, it has a "guaranteed response time". When you contact us via email at soporte@aelis.es or by calling any of our phone numbers to report the problem you are having, we promise that a technician will give you an answer within 2, 4 or 8 working hours, depending on the mode you choose. But this is only a guarantee of response, because our intention is always to provide the best service as soon as possible. If you call or write to us, as soon as the IT technician is available, he will connect with you remotely, evaluate the situation and, if possible, resolve the incident at the same time with total guarantee, security and always maintaining the confidentiality of your data. But be careful, if he cannot help you by connecting remotely, we have a solution! Because an IT technician will come to your facilities to solve the problem in situ.
Andthe fact is that IT Maintenance is an ideal service for companies that require a comprehensive maintenance contract that covers them in a global and personalized way.

Network cloud services

But there were customers who asked us for an even more complete service, where IT Maintenance and Cloud services were combined. And that is how NETWORK CLOUD SERVICES was born. The service that brings it all together.
Complete combination of preventive IT Maintenance service and Cloud
so you can work from anywhere and at any time with the guarantee of having an IT Director to advise you and a complete IT team to correct and prevent incidents, update your equipment or even your ERP (Sage 50 or Sage 200), etc.
But besides the mobility you gain with the Cloud, the advantages are many, among others: security, flexibility, availability, storage, time and money savings, etc.

If you still don't know what you need

Contact us, we will help you make the best choice.

Have a complete and unified service


Be prepared for any attack.

We protect your company.

in the cloud

All your infrastructure and servers in the cloud, secure and managed by experts.

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